CP WIRE + SOLDER WIRE SERIES / 無鉛鍍錫銅包鋼線及錫線系列

WINCO is the leading supplier & seller specializing in ferrous and non-ferrous Lead wire (Pb free) for the electrical, electronic industrial components applications through-out Asia.

Our complete line of Lead wire (Pb free), Solder wire, high purity aluminum wire, communication wire and other material have well been developed to meet the most extremely demanding of electronic applications which are generally used to produce electrical cables, coils, transformers, relays, motors, capacitor, solenoids, diodes lamp etc.

Other than our standard of Round, Square, Flat shape wires, we also have "serrated wire" which is best suit for anchoring magnet wire-wrap connecting on terminals and increase pin retention force without any crimping process needed.

WINCO can make wire size, plating thickness and plating materials as per customer's requirements.

WINCO will always be one of the world leaders in providing premium quality, sales support and on-going technical assistance to customer.

WINCO為迎合電子工業快速發展,不斷開發出高品質之引線 ̶ 無鉛鍍錫銅包鋼線。適用於變壓器、線圈、繼電器、微小馬達、電容器、連接器配件等。

除了圓線、方角線及扁角線外,WINCO亦可提供特別的 "壓紋角線",它的壓紋面部,可以解決結線問題及提升插入膠芯後之接力強度


Materials/Coating/Application 材料/鍍層/應用

The Strength of Nickel / 鎳的優點

  1. Nickel under plated enhances the wear characteristics.
    由於鎳具有較高防腐蝕、耐磨、焊接性,可提升外層錫 (Sn) 之耐損特性。
  2. The nickel barrier helps to reduce both the number and the effect of pores.
    鍍鎳層,為無缺陷 /無孔性 (defect-free) 及光澤性,可幫助外鍍層錫 (Sn)平滑及更具延性。
  3. Nickel acts as a diffusion barrier between the copper alloy and the Tin.
  4. Standard potential of -0.25 volts of nickel is a cathode deposit, only complete coverage of the nickel to isolate and protect against rust iron and steel.
Tin Whisker Alert

To be in compliance to the European ROHS (Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances) directive, it calls for the eliminations of lead (Pb) in all electronic components in European product supply chain by July 1, 2006. Other countries, including the US, are expected to quickly follow suit.

With the use of tin (Sn) as a major component of lead-free solder, Tin Whiskers can develop. Tin Whickers are growths that develop out tin surfaces. The growths can cause short circuits or functional damage to another part of the product. Tin Whiskers occur in the following conditions:

  • Ambient room conductions (about 25°C, 50 to 80% RH).
  • Some tests have shown that whiskers will not grow at temperatures exceeding 90°C
  • Some tests have indicated that "bright" tin may create whiskers faster than "matte" tin.

They are single crystal structures that are reported to reach lengths of up to 9mm with diameters up to 5μm, and to be able to carry 10mA of current. Whiskering becomes a hazard when the whiskers become long enough to bridge across leads. In high-voltage, high-current circuits, any shorts caused by tin whiskers are quickly burnt out, and may not pose as serious a threat as in low-power circuits, where they will cause intermittent failures.

Packing Method / 包裝方式及規格
Bobbin & Spool Type Unit: mm
Name A B C D E N.W.
Type I 160 70 115 90 20 5 kg
Type II 130 60 110 90 20 2 kg
Type III 250 160 200 60 25 22 kg
Drum Type Unit: mm
Name A B C D N.W.
Type D1 350 290 150 280 20 kg
Type D2 250 240 140 90 20 kg