About WINCO ELECTRIC / 關於永高機電

永高機電為專業生產設計、制造、銷售和服務之自動化設備企業。產品系列包括: 自動焊錫機、自動插針機、 自動繞線機、自動包膠帶機、自動點膠機、自動測試機、繼電器自動生產線、真空含浸機、插片機等及其他相關設備研究生產等。產品適用於變壓器、繼電器、風扇馬達等之生產。

我們也開發出高品質之引線 ̶ 無鉛鍍錫銅包鋼線。適用於變壓器、線圈、繼電器、微小馬達、電容器、連接器配件等。

本公司已有超過20年以上的機械設計, 開發, 生產及銷售的經驗. 公司亦可依客戶要求特別設計有關之設備. 機械/產品業務已銷售拓展至全世界各地, 包括: 中國, 香港, 台灣, 美國, 印度, 土耳其, 印尼, 菲律賓, 意大利, 德國, 波蘭, 斯洛伐克, 巴西, 俄羅斯, 泰國等等. 歡迎您與我們聯絡, 讓我們為您找出方案.

Founded in March 2003, WINCO Electric is a leading manufacturer and an exporter, with a reputation for quality and reliability from our worldwide customers. We are specialized in design, manufacturing, sales and after-sales services in industrial automated machinery, such as Auto Soldering Machine, Auto Pin Inserting Machine, Auto Winding Machine, Auto Testing Machine, Auto Taping Machine, Auto Liquid Dispensing Machine, Relays auto production line, Vacuum Impregnation Machine, EI stacker machine and other tailor-made auto machines. We also supply high quality of Lead-Free CP Wire, Solder Wire and EDM Wire in reel form and pre-cut form for electronic parts like capacitors, Resistors, Diodes, Transistors, etc manufacturing.

Our machinery is dedicated for Transformer, Coil, Relays, Micro Motor components application. Our products has been exported to worldwide, such as, China, Hong Kong, the USA, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Philippine, Thailand, Turkey, Italy, Poland, Germany, Brazil, Russia, Slovakia, U.S.A. New Zealand etc. Winco always welcomes any special project and lead wire inquiry for manufacturing line and production. Contact us and let us give you solutions.

Development History / 發展歷史
Mar 2003 Started WINCO ELECTRIC. Factory in Dongguan China
Dec 2003 Successful development of "Relay AB pin automatic inserter."
Apr 2004 Successful development of "Relay Automatic Production Line."
Mar 2005 Obtained SGS RoHS certification for Lead-Free wire.
取得SGS RoHS 引線証書
Feb 2006 Started supply of under-plating nickel for lead wire.
Jun 2007 Supply a special surface process "serrated" lead wire.
Oct 2007 Established new production site for new extended line of "Automatic Liquid Dispenser."
Mar 2008 Successful development of WCE-R500A Auto Liquid Dispensing Machine (Conductive Glue Dispensing with Rotary Axis).
May 2009 Supply Radius corner lead wire.
Aug 2011 Supply a special Sn Matt plating process for lead wire
Sept 2012 Supply "Pre-Cut Pins."
Mar 2012 Successful development of WCE-1648XA Fully Automatic Coil/ Core Taping Machine.
April 2013 Successful development of WCE-1013 Fully Automatic Coil/ Core Testing Machine.
Oct 2013 Successful development of WCE-03VB Fully Automatic Dip Soldering Machine.
Oct 2014 Enter to India Market, Assigned India dealer - PM Electronic for sales & after-sales services"
Mar 2016 Successful development of Fully Automatic Laser striping & soldering Machine.
Aug 2017 Successful development of WCE-1018 series Fully Automatic testing integration lin Machine (Surge test, Hipot test, universal test).
Spet 2018 Due to our group business expansion, re-located to a new venue in Humen city, Dongguan, accommodate to the work capacity for our Winding, Soldering, Taping, Liquid dispensing machines assembly and control mangement.
Our Mission / 我們的使命

We commit our customers and partners providing superior quality, precision, environmental friendly & stable machines and Lead free wire. We are continuous to put our investment in products research, product innovations & developing full solutions for production as well as giving a full support of after-sales service.

我們承諾將不斷地努力及提供客戶和合作夥伴優質的服務,精密,環保和穩定的機器設備及引線。並堅持不變地投資在產品上的研發,創意,創新, 改善及改進. 提供全面的解決方案和全面的售後服務支援。

Our Facilities / 我們的廠房

Our operations and manufacturing facilities located in Donguan City, China. Our sales and marketing departments are located in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong.


Our Partners / 我們的榮譽客戶

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